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Envelopes on my Dresser
On the dresser you will find,
All the notes I leave behind;
Neatly folded, all of them sealed,
The envelopes will not feel real;
Give one to my doctor,
He had to break the news;
Give one to my pastor,
He never told the truth;
Give one to my teacher,
She helped me find my way;
Tell them all I'll see them again someday;
Forget all of my family,
Neglect all of my friends;
The had their chances to help me, long before my end.
Instead they fed their frenzied faces on my innermost pains.
:iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 1 0
I Cannot Explain
The fire took my family.
The fire killed my friends.
The fire stole all of my clothes.
But it left my bookends.
The fire tore through walls.
The fire shook the house.
The fire engulfed all of the pictures.
But it left my bed.
The men rushed into save me.
The women stood and screamed.
The children ran in terror.
All except for me.
I could see their faces.
I heard the fire roar,
But for reasons I cannot explain,
I calmly locked the door.
:iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 1 0
Watching Her Go Up In Smoke
It was the smoke, I decided,
That's what shook me so hard;
It seemed to roll right from her lips,
Filling my nose like small glass shards;
I watched this angel kill herself,
Choosing carcinogens over bullets;
She never seemed so human,
But here, in this moment
I could swear she lost her wings,
She had misplaced her halo;
She had fallen by the wayside,
Wondering where to go.
I asked her why this method,
Why not go out with heart?
It seems she didn't mind the afterlife,
Just the dying part.
:iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 2 0
And all at once the world came crashing down around us.
In that moment we forgot our late-night brawls in pool halls,
we abandoned our prior convictions in light of new ones,
we lost those we once held dear, and here
we stood somewhat empty in our hearts,
somewhat empty in our heads,
grasping tightly to our loved ones,
and filled the empty spaces in our beds.
It was an electrifying exhilaration.
It was an urgent adolescence.
It was the end of all we knew,
and our hearts could feel its presence.
We took turns walking to the town line,
caught off guard when we smashed our faces,
there was something there we couldn't see,
we left blood streaks in some places.
There was a man killed on his tractor,
and a woman drained of blood,
her husband cradled her head,
when her heart forgot to thud.
A sheriff killed by his pacemaker,
a young man killed by his gun.
A man took straight to the power
unaware of his son.
And all at once the world was inside and out.
All at once we were inside.
Some say it
:iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 1 0
The Dream
Catherine had a dream that the end came and she remembered nothing.
She woke late, the mattress creaking on the box springs.
Something about the air was different and altogether weird, something
Came over her and filled her with the need to leave.
Blackness stole her vision as she stood, encompassing her sight.
The overwhelming desire to sleep drooped her eyelids, so she turned on the light
Left the room, down the hall, out the door and into the night.
It was fear, she thought, that stole her away.
Her friends called and looked for her in the following days.
Family was nowhere near, in neither earth nor space.
But she was gone, she had just walked away.
She left her job, her home and her closest friends.
Was it kidnapping, had she seen the end?
Would they find her, was she alive or dead?
They found innocuous notes, she'd written in her den.
It was a dream journal filled with her accounts, but in a different hand.
It was her name and her thoughts on the pages, but in a different hand.
:iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 1 1
A Blatant Admiration for the Ones You Used to Hate
A sound in the distance, the echo of footsteps,
Commonplace the criminals, begging on our doorsteps.
Firmly grasp the radiator, beg to be let go.
A scary voice from behind, whispering a "No."
Ringing of the doorbell, sirens down the street.
Can the voice in your head be heard from underneath?
The floorboards creak, the wood is weak,
You've no voice left to speak.
Screaming is a death sentence, for you and those on the porch.
The man ascends the stair steps,
And opens up the door.
Muffled conversation reverberates the room,
Could this dusty basement become an everlasting tomb?
You scream.
Shots fired.
And no one comes to help.
The criminals run, their wanting undone, you're left by yourself.
:iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 1 0
Rich Men Get All the Girls
Back to the door frame, doorway, enter to the entrance hall,
the same feeling that you get when you're dreaming and fall.
It's surprising that you even had the event at all.
But everything is an event when you're that small.
Stairway to the left leading to rooms unseen,
kitchen cupboards and the countertops painted green.
A hole in the wall from when your dad got mean.
Your mother spent hours making it look clean,
but you remember how hand and wrist seemed to bleed,
and how he wrapped in your grandmother's favorite sheet.
Got the shelves in the living room covered in picture frames,
the oldest pictures of your family and you don't know their names.
Sat around as you opened gifts, what an awkward wait.
Your family smiling, saying, "It's your day!"
Your dad was late, not unusual.
He was never home 'til after school.
It was the year you asked him about a swimming pool,
and he flung a beer bottle by your head from his favorite stool.
It was the memories of the bad times, hidden by the grea
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Little One by MetalAddiction Little One :iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 0 0 Chest Tattoo concept by MetalAddiction Chest Tattoo concept :iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 1 0 Sparrow/Swallow and Banner tattoo concept by MetalAddiction Sparrow/Swallow and Banner tattoo concept :iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 2 1 Little Hell by MetalAddiction Little Hell :iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 0 0 Duality by MetalAddiction Duality :iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 6 2 Band Practice by MetalAddiction Band Practice :iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 0 0 Eiffel Tower at Sunset by MetalAddiction Eiffel Tower at Sunset :iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 0 0 Owl by MetalAddiction Owl :iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 0 0 A Candyskull-style Chick by MetalAddiction A Candyskull-style Chick :iconmetaladdiction:MetalAddiction 0 0
My work is for all to view, please do not steal any of my work. i put MY heart in it. you did nothing but read and enjoy.


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A Stranger
Looking through the glass
He is there again today
Him with the shadowed face
He will not look away
Staring toward those eyes
They are full of unknown
Their gold flecked irises
They block my probing search
Hiding behind those orbs
He analyzes me again
His facts I recall once more
He is an entity I can't sort
Scrutinizing eyes gaze out
Behind his dark, untamed bangs
There is a chaos about him
Yet his eyes seem becalmed
Turning slowly, eyes freed,
I disengage from this contest
His pondering through the glass
Leaves me feeling dissociated
You'd think i'd be used to him
Staring in my looking glass
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This is a great tattoo. Very good placing and there's no sign of whatever was there before. had i not read the description that said it...

this is an exceptional tattoo. it shows great collaboration between the artist and the client, a great eye for detail and a very steady...

This is.... interesting. Very good use of effect on the edges of the picture. The words themselves are hard to read and what i'm guessi...

I suppose i'll start with the script. The style is very good in resemblance to the nature of The Joker (crazy, wiry, and misshapen), bu...


This is Marcgosselin's band Unpredicted Direction!! They're an interesting kind of experimental sound that i've never really heard before. It's absolutely unique! I recommend a listen!!

On the topic of music and even more so on the topic of awesome music, I have a band.

Now some of you are saying to yourselves:
"Eww a band.... another video view whore looking for attention.... SKIP."

Well yes and no. I do enjoy seeing the video view count go up, but I enjoy it more knowing that the people who watch my art also watch my music.

There's no forceable way I can make you press the link button at the bottom of this journal, but you should know that for every view over 28 my band gets, I will in return do something special for you!!! Leave a comment on this page with your username after you've watched one or both of the videos or as a comment on the videos themselves and I will include you in the specialness. Plus that like button doesnt push itself (hint) :)…

Many thanks!
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so.. my names Brad. i'm still new to deviant. working things out. i try to add new stuff daily. usually lyrics for my band Evil Intentions. you can find us on facebook and youtube. realize, though, we're in highschool so we're slowly getting better. anyway, feel free to comment or favorite anything that i post. t does me feel rather special. warm and fuzzy inside

Current Residence: your mothers embryonic fluids :)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: x-large.. i'm not fat. i'm tall.
Favourite genre of music: METAL!!!!!
Favourite style of art: Sketching.
MP3 player of choice: My I-pod. not yours
Wallpaper of choice: Bullet For My Valentine
Skin of choice: white, black, asian, mexican. it's all good
Favourite cartoon character: a who now??
Personal Quote: We will all hurt you. i hope i'm worth suffering for, cause i know that you are.


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okay, now this is gonna sound cheesy as hell, but------ i want the dA id box cap (…) more than the nazis wanted to kill jews........... that or the emoticon stress balls (…) XD those are so freaking awesome but i have like twenty points (and i thank the person who donated all twenty with the fullest of gratitude) and i need more to get the things i'm aiming for....

now i don't usually beg, but please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please (breath) please donate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm willing to take commissions on drawings or poetry and i will put my heart into any commission and it will be my utmost amazingest work!!!!!

please??????? the very littlest amount i need is 960 (for the stressballs) but the id box cap is rather expensive......... any donation will be greatly appreciated and you can count on a watch and a slew of favorites in your inbox from yours truly :)

with love,
Metal Addiction

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